First Script Workers Comp PBM – part of the Coventry Workers Comp division at Aetna – and Automated HealthCare Solutions (AHCS) are pleased to announce that they are teaming up to create a higher standard of medication dispensing while limiting the increasing costs associated with pharmacy care for workers’ compensation claims.

First Script offers a suite of client solutions designed to drive industry-leading clinical outcomes and manage costs throughout an injured worker’s recovery and return to productive function. First Script’s experienced staff works with clients to design programs that meet the cost containment and medical management needs of each organization. AHCS is a recognized national leader in providing physicians with the technological tools to manage the detailed process of dispensing medication to their patients.

“At First Script, we are committed to managing the first script and every script that an injured worker receives in the course of their recovery from a work comp injury. Partnering with the forward-thinking people at AHCS allows us to expand our capacity to manage more prescriptions fills for those injured workers in the same clinically responsible and cost-sensitive manner we manage all other prescriptions.” said Alan Madison, Vice President of First Script Operations.“By combining AHCS’ industry-leading technology solutions for dispensing workers’ comp physicians, and First Script’s established clinical resources, we are raising the bar for providing care to injured workers. Establishing a direct relationship with AHCS ensures that the prescriptions dispensed by AHCS contracted providers are in compliance with client and injury-specific drug lists and that payments are made at the contract rates.”

Added AHCS CEO David Bowen: “We are proud to partner with First Script to provide the best possible path to well-being for injured workers. First Script is an unquestioned leader in caring for workers’ compensation patients, and this relationship will ensure that countless injured workers will be able to benefit from our companies’ combined expertise and the latest technological advances.”