Practice Integration

As a company we understand that you are already pulled in a thousand directions and adding one more task to your day seems impossible to manage. With AHCS you are actually entering into a partnership and will never be left alone to “figure things out on your own”. We pride ourselves on being the most practice friendly company in the industry by offering onsite, personalized support from a devoted Account Manager.

This individual is assigned to your practice and will provide the following services:

  • Staff training: this will make the program fit seamlessly into your practice without overloading your staff and adding stress. We customize the implementation of our program to fit into your clinics existing work flow

  • Consult and educate you and your staff on your state and federal regulations

  • Implement protocols to maintain compliance

  • Notify you if your system is missing information required to bill for the professional component of your workers’ compensation claims.

  • Set up office dispensing area

  • Customize end of month financial reporting

  • Continual support and site visits to maintain compliance and structure


Together we focus on patient care:
As a medical professional, caring for your patient is your top priority. You chose patient care because you wanted to help people. By dispensing medications onsite to your patients you are saving them the frustrating and often costly trip to the pharmacy. Onsite dispensing provides your patient with additional confidence in you and your practice.

Together we focus on compliance:
Your Account Manager (AM) in conjunction with our corporate legal team is continuously updating the regulations for your state to provide you the tools to make sure your practice is compliant at all times. This is part of the training provided by your AM. Together we work to stay compliant and updated on constantly changing regulations.

Together we focus on YOU:
With the training and support offered by your AM as well as others on the AHCS team, you will never feel like you are alone. Your AM will be as involved as you want them to be and available and onsite as needed.

The ezVerify™ Program uses software available at each practice location to allow for the verification of insurance benefits with as little information as the date of birth, insurance identification number, and group number. Each transaction takes no more than six seconds and will provide the practice with specialty specific benefit verification. The program is designed so that all the receptionist has to do is swipe the patient's government issued id card or drivers license to run a verification.

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We are dedicated to assisting physician practices and health care organizations with maximizing patient care through ancillary services. Our state of the art technology minimizes work flow disruption in your practice. Our programs have no upfront costs and no long term commitments. We empower your practice by providing any necessary support to ensure the long term success of our programs.

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