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ezVerify™ Program is a standalone software placed in each practice location to allow for verification of insurance benefits with as little information as the date of birth, insurance identification number, and group number. Each transaction is processed in a matter of seconds and will provide the practice with specialty-specific benefit verification. The program is designed so that all the receptionist has to do is swipe the patient's government issued id card or drivers license to run a verification. Only seconds away from collecting correct co-pay, co-insurance, verifying the amount remaining on deductibles, and even individual and family out-of-pocket expenses. The information is obtained through the patient’s insurance carrier so the information is real-time and not weeks old. Our proprietary search engines view multiple databases contained in our cloud allowing electronic healthcare benefit verification to over 10,000 insurance carriers in a matter of seconds! The verification information can automatically import data into the patient electronic health record, which can be used later to fight denials and file appeals. The ezVerify™ benefits include ensuring the accurate collections of co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, out-of-pocket, facility information, DME, and other areas that your practice needs to improve the revenue cycle. Other savings can be achieved through reassigning labor costs associated with long phone call waits, emails, website surfing and faxing to no avail. No more guess work, costly phone calls or hours of interpreting thousands of carriers’ benefits. Receive only the information the practice needs to maximize collections, which are current within 24-hours... a real-time benefit unparalleled in the healthcare industry.

As an example of ezVerify's™ experience in orthopedics, we have been proud to provide the services of Palm Beach Orthopedic Institute (PBOI). PBOI is a 16 physicians' multi-specialty orthopedic practice with fellowship-trained physicians in every multidiscipline located throughout Palm Beach County in Southeast Florida. PBOI currently sees over 400 patients daily and ezVerify™ has been successful in assisting PBOI in maximizing collections through benefit verification at point-of service.

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