“Implementing the AHCS solution has allowed us to maintain our level of patient care while removing the headache of trying to collect from the payors. We have a large and complex medical practice. AHCS has been extremely flexible and progressive with regards to our requests for specific reporting and management of our pharmaceutical prescription program. Our practice is treated like a partner rather than a client.”

Marc Loev, MD
President • The Center for Pain Management

“Having tried several different medication dispensing services, I can say that AHCS is the best by far. The ease of dispensing, the professional labeling, and computerized record-keeping all make this system the most efficient. The best feature, however, is the intelligent and attentive support staff members who are readily available to assist when needed.”

Mark K. Chang, MD
Midwest Spine Care

“AHCS has enabled our practice to tap an alternate revenue stream while enhancing the quality of care and convenience of our patients. The ease of use of their system has enabled my staff to remain productive in the course of the day.”

Damon C. Byers
Practice Manager • Suburban Orthopaedics